There was a hacker on Golds chat today named “Enrique”. His/Her xat ID is 141015957. He/She is now known as H141 or 14101. His/Her registered name on xat is “Enrique102”. We have confimed he/she is a fake Enrique. He/she is logged in on Golds chat as “Enrique102” while the real Enrique is not logged in on IMAF chat. We are trying to find out why both of their Xat ID Numbers are the same.

Hopefully this won’t hurt all of CP Armies. The attack of H141, which is now called The Hack Attack, is scheduled to be at 9:00 P.M. E.S.T. Good luck to all.

Until then…
Waddle on.

P.S. A word of advice-be careful.


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What is my place?

This post has a lot of meaning to it, and I would like the high ranked soldiers especially in ACP to read the whole post.

Hi. My name is Ennbay. Some of you know me as Ennbay, Enn, Ben, and Fruit Salad. I am a man of many names. Although, I am also very dissapointed in the ACP Staff. That does not mean every high ranked person. It means certain people, and those people should know who they are as they read this. I need to know my place in the ACP, apparently. I had retired for a long time, but came back in early March 2009. For one day I was added back to the ranks in my rightful place as General. Then, someone, I do not know who, took my name off the ranks. Although, I was still in ACP. I was not fired or demoted, and I did not retire. Therefore, my rank was still General.

As I read the promotions in ACP, I noticed something odd. I was not promoted, but demoted. That’s right. Demoted for coming on chat at least 6 hours every day, 7 days a week, every day of the week. I have been nothing but nice to the new administration and the rest of ACP. I followed rules and enforced them. I did not go to practice battles or battles against other armies because I have had Bar-Mitzvah practice. Therefore, I could not make them. I do not understand why I was demoted two ranks. PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS TO ME IN A COMMENT.

~Ennbay //////////// What is my place?

////Confused as ever

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